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Walnut Cutting Board

If you buy a cutting board you should definitely buy an engrain board. Each of my boards are made by hand and use the finest hardwoods from around the Cincinnati area. The wood is harvested locally  and dried at a mill in Indianna.  I blend both sap and heartwood to give a beautiful unique Walnut  board. The colors range from a rich brown to blonde.  Your knife will stay sharper longer and the board will not show as many cut marks as a board with face grain. The board is finished with a food safe Mineral oil and will last a lifetime.

Walnut Cutting Board

    • Extra Large dimension 18 "X 14" X 1.5"
    • Large dimensions 16" X 12.5" X 1.5"
    • Juice Groove on all XL models
    • Grain and color will vary
    • Dimensions may very slightly
    • Sanded smooth and finished with mineral oil
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